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Integrated Draught Beer Dispenser (04-04-08)

Appliance specialist CDA has exclusively introduced the ultimate luxury appliance for the home; the integrated draught beer dispenser.

Ideal for the true beer lover, the CDA beer dispenser provides the perfect pint every time in the comfort of your own home!

Fitting neatly into a 60cm tower unit, the appliance is ready to dispense chilled beer within five minutes of installation. The contemporary stainless steel finish is illuminated with stylish blue LED lighting for a stunning centre piece in your home. The concealed chiller offers variable temperature control, so there is always ice cold beer on tap - whenever it is required.

The beer dispenser comes complete with a steel mounted professional connection kit that is located below in a standard kitchen cupboard. The kit consists of a CO2 cylinder, keg adaptor, temperature gauge and variable pressure gauge allowing for precise pressure control and guaranteeing the perfect ‘pub’ pint. Keeping it clean is easy; the connection kit includes a cleaning attachment and the dispenser has a removable drip tray for any spillages.

The CDA integrated draught beer dispenser retails from around £1155.00 + vat. For further information on this or any other CDA product, please call 01949 862010 Web:



De Dietrich Compact 38 (07-03-08)

Compact 38, a concept devised by De Dietrich, consists of three separate 38cm appliances that can be fitted into standard width kitchen units in any combination to provide a personalised cooking centre. Including a multifunction pyrolytic oven, a combination microwave and steam oven, each product can be purchased individually or together as Compact 38.

For the kitchen designer, it offers versatility when devising the kitchen layout as the appliances can be stacked or placed side by side. Each oven in the new range features an animated digital display and touch-controls on the fascia and is designed to complement the rest of the De Dietrich appliance family. As such, they can also be situated above a single oven or with a coffee machine.

DOP799X: 32-litre Multifunction Plus Pyroclean Oven features eight oven functions including Fan; Conventional; Combined; Turbo grill; Double grill; Single grill and Keep warm. This compact oven also offers pyrolytic self-cleaning with three cycles, a cool door with four panes of glass for extra safety, and digital programmer with recommended temperatures, delayed start and touch sensitive controls.

DOV738X: 32-litre Steam Oven is easy to install with no need for plumbing so can be situated anywhere in the kitchen layout. It has eight pre-set temperature settings between 55º and 100ºC that enable the user to steam soft food, like berries at a lower temperature and harder foods, like carrots at a higher level by choosing the type of food on the easy-to-read digital display with touch sensitive controls. For extra safety, it features an audible cut-off alarm when the removable water reservoir is empty.

DME799X: 32-litre Combination-Microwave is an oven that can microwave rather than the other way round. It has a drop down door and eight oven functions including Microwave; Speed defrost; Microwave and fan; Microwave and grill; Fan; Turbo grill; Double grill and Keep warm. The ample cavity can accommodate rectangular dishes up to 32cm wide and it also has a removable wire shelf. Other features include touch sensitive controls, minute minder, delay timer and memory settings for favourite dishes.


Gorenje Teases Luxury Fridge-Freezer Market with Swarovski

Gorenje has launched two Premium Touch fridge-freezers, crystallised with Swarovski - one with 7,000 hand-embedded crystals (on sale in Harrods with an unusual POA ('Price on Application') ticket and the other - much more affordable for the likes of you and I (not) - with a mere 3500 glass beads (sorry, 'jewels').

‘The Eye-catcher’
The unique Premium Touch 'fridge-freezer, called the ‘Eye-catcher’, with its gloss black colour and elegant door, features 7,000 hand-embedded crystals from the world famous Swarovski. This black refrigerator - eye-catcher - is a unique appliance, with fewer than 10 being produced.


‘Commercial line’
Based on the ‘Eye-catcher’, the commercial series in black and silver with 3,500 crystals in two rows is available for consumers who long for something special and prestigious, and especially for Swarovski fans.

The eye-catcher and the black commercial fridge-freezer are going to be exhibited and exclusively available in Harrods in May and June 2006 and can also be viewed on

‘The appliances introduce a new elegance to the white goods market and along with the Pininfarina range, which was recently introduced to the UK market, represent Gorenje's most prestigious collection,’ says the company. ‘Gorenje's visionary approach has engendered a unique philosophy of the beauty of the home, where household appliances play a central role as beautifully designed and unique elements in contemporary homes.

The Gorenje Swarovski fridge-freezers crystallised with Swarovski represent a new generation of cooling appliances, featuring a myriad of advanced functions. The high-tech, 200 cm-high, user-friendly appliance is controlled by a touch screen mounted at eye-level on the fridge door. The touch control panel allows adjustment of the various settings of the appliance, displays the temperatures and warns of any problems. It is also the user interface for the built-in radio, recipe book and voice memo recorder/player. Premium touch appliances are also environment-friendly as they are classified as A+ energy rated.

About Swarovski crystals

Swarovski is an Austrian company established at the end of 19th century by Daniel Swarovski. The company is renowned for its tradition and excellence in manufacturing and supplying crystals and crystal-ware, especially for the jewellery and fashion industry as well as decorative homeware. In the fashion world, Swarovski crystals have recently been a hot and immensely sought-after accessory and component of haute couture. The name Swarovski can thus be found on many a fashion item or piece of jewellery created by famous fashion designers - among those are Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Dior, Dolce & Gabana, Valentino and Roberto Cavali.

From March 2006, a free 5-year parts and labour guarantee is now available on Gorenje built-in appliances that are sold through its network of nearly 1,000 retailers in the UK and Ireland. The guarantee covers all built-in ovens, hobs, hoods, integrated cooling products and the company's range of stylish freestanding retro fridges and two freestanding washing machines from its laundry range.

For more information, call Gorenje on 0208 247 3980 or visit



Black is the New Black -  Black Oak Gloss Kitchen

Now available is the latest in high fashion kitchens with its Black Oak Gloss finish. The new door combines a black oak veneer with an ultra-high gloss polyester finish to create a dramatic and striking look. Its smooth gloss surface, which curves from left to right, allows the subtlest hint of woodgrain to show through to add texture to this contemporary design.

The hand polished curvaceous gloss units with deep drawers make a contemporary statement, especially when teamed with a striking work surface, for example the opaque burgundy glass surface as illustrated. As with all kitchens in our range, the Black Oak Gloss kitchen incorporates quality fittings and hinge solutions throughout.

An extensive range of units, accessories and handles are available to accommodate the most demanding of designs and create an individual kitchen.



Softly Softly with Our new Door Lifting System

 Our new soft lift door system offers effortless access to overhead storage. This mechanism from Kessebohmer opens a top lift door with ease, allowing the door to smoothly swing up and close at a steady pressure.

Soft lift features a concealed attachment to the front panel with adjustment for height, tilt and sideways position.

It also includes a dampening opening action for a completely soft and smooth movement.

The system is available to suit door widths of 800mm and 1000mm, with a maximum door fascia weight of 15kg. Soft lift is easy to install, with the front panel adjustment ensuring a perfect fit, and even cornice designs do not pose a problem.

Special door sizes of 715mmx797mm and 715mm x 997mm have been added to our stainless steel and glazed frame door ranges, specifically designed for use with the Kessebohmer soft lift system.

All Kessebohmer products are rigorously and independently tested to 50,000 cycles and carry the LGA quality mark, guaranteeing excellence in safety, usability and reliability.

This is backed up with the ISO 9001 quality standard.


Electrolux & Future Foundation Research Reveals What We Do in Our Kitchens!

The kitchen is quite literally the heart of the modern home. It is a social space for interaction with family and friends and much more than a place for cooking and eating, as the chart below shows.

The four most common activities in the kitchen, apart from preparing food, are holding family discussions, entertaining guests, talking to children and relaxing.

But the kitchen is also a popular place for working and watching TV – over 20% of people do this – and as many people supervise the kids doing homework as make love in the kitchen!

75% of the population now entertains family and friends at home more than once a month, and 15% of people entertain at home weekly . With almost 50% of people entertaining guests in the kitchen it is not surprising that people have strong views on kitchen design.

Source: Electrolux /Future Foundation report October 2005
This report is based on findings from a programme of desk and original research conducted between April and June 2005. The key sources were:

• Future Foundation/nVision
• Electrolux - Automatic Cooking, Market Survey on Cooking Habits (2004)
• Electrolux – Cooking Trends, A White Paper (2005)
• Electrolux ePanel - Online survey of 225 UK adults aged 16+ (May & June 2005)


Introducing Opticolour - The New Alternative to Tiles

Opticolour is a new range of toughened glass walling from Interior Glass Solutions (IGS).

This new alternative to tiles is available in a range of colours and effects and is completely waterproof. It’s easy to clean and involves no grouting (so it doesn’t suffer from dirt and mould), and can be further enhanced with lighting.

IGS’s process solves the adhesion problem of bonding to glass. Once the glass has been cut, processed and toughened, the rear is colour-coated with a specially blended formula: and the glass is attached to the wall using adhesive.

Because the Opticolour glass is thoroughly toughened it’s highly resistant to impact and heat; and is safe to use for sink and oven splash-backs. Other applications include; kitchen, shower and bathroom walls (wet rooms), architectural features in restaurants, pubs, shops, office reception areas, and nightclubs both inside and outside.

See for more details or call 01225 446629
(Single splash-backs can be purchased by mail order).


KPH Stainless Tiles

KPH Stainless Tiles is a company based in Sheffield, England that manufactures an exclusive range of hand polished plain and designer stainless tiles available in both mirror and satin finishes.

'Our tiles are made from genuine grade 304 stainless steel and are all carefully hand polished before being dispatched.' says the company.

'The tiles would suit any contemporary kitchen or bathroom to give a clean, unique and stylish finish. All tiles use the same cutting and fitting instruction as conventional tiles and can be effortlessly cleaned with warm water.'




Bottled Water… Pure Water or Pure Hype?

With sales of bottled water at an all time high, John Swain, product manager for Franke UK, reminds retailers that they are missing out on a huge opportunity to sell filtered water taps.

New statistics have revealed that we splashed out a record £1.2 billion on bottled water in 2004, with a staggering 86 per cent of all sales being still water.

Clever adverts and packaging featuring glaciers and crystal-clear mountain springs have created a public perception that all bottled water is pure. However, a significant proportion of the world’s bottled water is simply commercially filtered tap water.

I’m sure you’ll remember a leading drinks manufacturer getting into trouble last year over its bottled water, which not only turned out to be commercially filtered tap water, but on further inspection, also contained high levels of Bromate (long-term exposure to high levels of Bromate can increase the risk of cancer). The manufacturer recalled around 500,000 bottles of the branded tap water. There have also been a number of other cases of bottled water contamination reported in the media in the last few years.

In addition to the risk of contamination, some of the commercial filtration systems used can be very aggressive, not only removing all harmful bacteria but filtering out minerals which are good for you.

In contrast, a good quality filter can remove 99 per cent of all undesirables and still leave essential minerals, such as calcium and fluoride, intact. However, not all filter taps are the same. It’s fundamental that customers look for the following features to ensure good quality water:

• A dedicated channel in the spout for the delivery of the filtered water – to prevent cross-contamination from the hot and cold supplies
• A ceramic filter that filters down to 0.2 microns – removing harmful bacteria but not essential minerals

Health benefits aside, installing a filter tap is extremely cost effective. When it comes to paying for bottled water we’re more than happy to spend on average 47p per litre. Alternatively, fill your glass for less than 2p per litre using a filter tap, such as the Triflow. We’ve worked out that an average family could easily recoup the initial cost of the filter system within 10 months of using it.

You should also consider the fact that the cost of upgrading a tap to a filtered water tap when buying a new kitchen is only a small percentage of the overall price.

Then there’s the convenience factor. Bottled water is heavy, bulky and generally a nuisance to carry back from the supermarket each week. Bottled water companies also have a lot to answer for when it comes to the environment, with millions of plastic bottles being disposed of every day. Installing a filter tap at home not only gives you high quality drinking water when you want it, but is less harmful to the environment.

So this should be an easy sell. The world’s leading bottled water companies have invested billions in marketing bottled water, so you don’t need to convince customers that drinking good quality water is better for you, that’s been done for you. You just need to give customers the facts about installing a good quality filter tap, pointing out the health benefits, environmental benefits and cost effectiveness over bottled water.

And given the continuing growth of the bottled water industry, which has tripled in the last decade, there’s clearly a growing demand for good quality water, you just need to tap into it.


Whirlpool Corporation and Maytag Corporation Sign Definitive Merger Agreement
Whirlpool Corporation and Maytag Corporation have signed a definitive merger agreement in which Whirlpool will acquire all outstanding shares of Maytag in a cash and stock merger valued at $21 per share.  One half of the per share consideration will be paid in cash and the balance in a fraction of a share of Whirlpool common stock as described below.

The Board of Directors of Maytag has approved the merger agreement with Whirlpool and intends to recommend to Maytag’s shareholders that they adopt the agreement.

Prior to signing the Whirlpool merger agreement, Maytag paid a $40 million termination fee to Triton Acquisition Holding and, thereafter, terminated the agreement with Triton.  In accordance with Whirlpool’s August 10, 2005, offer, as extended on August 12, 2005, Whirlpool has reimbursed the $40 million to Maytag today.  In addition, Maytag said that the special meeting of stockholders scheduled for Friday, September 9, 2005, has been cancelled as a result of the termination of the Triton merger agreement.

The aggregate transaction value, including assumption of approximately $977 million of debt, is approximately $2.7 billion. The transaction is subject to customary conditions, including, among other things, regulatory approvals and Maytag shareholder approval.  The transaction will be taxable to Maytag shareholders.

Maytag shareholders will receive, for each share held, $10.50 in cash and between 0.1144 and 0.1398 of a share of Whirlpool stock.  The amount of Whirlpool stock to be issued in exchange for each Maytag share will depend upon the volume- weighted average trading price of Whirlpool’s stock during a 20 trading-day period ending shortly before the merger. 

Maytag shareholders will receive 0.1144 of a share of Whirlpool stock if the average Whirlpool stock price is $91.79 or greater and 0.1398 if it is $75.10 or less; between the two prices, the exchange ratio will vary proportionately.

Howard Clark, Maytag board member since 1986 and lead director, said, 'After careful consideration in conjunction with our financial and legal advisors and an independent committee of Maytag’s board consisting of all non-management directors, we re-evaluated the transaction with Triton and concluded that the Whirlpool agreement is superior and is in the best interest of our shareholders.'

Jeff Fettig, Whirlpool chairman (pictured), president and CEO, said, 'The combination of Whirlpool and Maytag will create very substantial benefits for consumers, trade customers and our shareholders. This transaction will enable us to achieve significant efficiencies and better asset utilization. It will also allow us to offer a wider range of products to a much broader consumer base.'

'Overall, this transaction will translate into better products, quality and service, as well as efficiencies, which will enhance our ability to succeed in the increasingly competitive global home-appliance industry,' added Fettig.  'We remain highly confident that we will receive regulatory clearance for this transaction in a timely manner.'

Ralph Hake, Maytag chairman and CEO, said, 'This combination brings together two leading organizations with strong traditions in quality and customer satisfaction. Together, Whirlpool and Maytag will bring substantial benefits to consumers around the world, as well as to shareholders and customers.'

Whirlpool has sufficient resources to finance the acquisition and has received strong support from the banking sector. The company currently has a $1.2 billion, five-year committed credit facility, scheduled to mature in 2009. There have been no borrowings under this agreement. The acquisition and upcoming debt maturities of the combined company are expected to be financed through current bank agreements and with new committed bank facilities.

In addition to reimbursing the $40 million termination fee paid by Maytag to Triton, Whirlpool has agreed to pay up to $15 million to assist Maytag in retaining key employees.  Whirlpool also has agreed to pay Maytag a 'reverse break-up fee' of $120 million under certain circumstances in the unlikely event of failure to obtain regulatory clearance.

Maytag’s shareholders are expected to vote on the transaction before the end of the year. Whirlpool expects the transaction to close as early as the first quarter of 2006, following approval from Maytag shareholders and regulatory clearance.

Lazard serves as financial advisor; Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz serves as legal advisor; and Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton serves as special legal counsel to Maytag.  Greenhill & Company, Weil Gotshal & Manges LLP, Howrey LLP, and The Boston Consulting Group serve as advisors to Whirlpool.



Baumatic Purchases German Cooker Hood Specialist Technovent

Baumatic Group has purchased the activities and assets of German domestic appliance specialist Technovent GMBH with a total investment of 1 million Euro.

Technovent, based in Manheim in Germany, is a well established company and strong cooker hood brand in the German domestic market. With an annual turnover in excess of 3 million EUR, the company was established over 14 years ago, but was taken over by the previous owners just four years ago.

Having recently established Baumatic brand in the Middle East, this purchase marks a further chapter in the Group's global expansion plans. The purchase of Technovent allows its new owners a path into the German market with an already established brand, but also creates opportunities for the company to sell in its existing range through Technovent's current distribution channels.

Baumatic Group has an exclusive agreement to use the Technovent brand in the German market and the company plans to continue to brand cooker hoods Technovent, but all other products introduced into the German market will be branded Baumatic.

To further reinforce the company´s entrance into what is arguably one of the most competitive European markets, Baumatic will be taking part in one of the biggest exhibitions in Germany, Germany, MOW - Focus Kuche & Bad which takes place between 17th and 23rd September in Enger near Hannover. This exhibition will act as a platform to introduce the Baumatic brand to the trade and to show the breadth of the product range available.

Enzo Balestrazzi, Group President of Baumatic Group (pictured) comments: ‘Obviously one of the major pluses of purchasing Technovent is that we have an instant 'in' into the German market where the Technovent brand is well recognised and we certainly aim to maximise the great potential Technovent has. Technovent already has an excellent distribution network for the appliances in Germany and we anticipate that this will open up huge opportunities for establishing the rest of the Baumatic range in the German market. Germany is one of the biggest markets for appliances in Europe and as our brand establishes in this territory we will become a very important player in the appliance market in central Europe.’



The Sub-Zero Pro 48 Takes a Star Position in The Chairman’s Windows at Harrods

Making its debut in the U.K. market the new refrigerator, the PRO 48 from Sub-Zero, was awarded star position in Harrods showcase windows – The Chairman’s Windows - on Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, for the entire month of August.

With the blessing of Craig Davies, CEO of the Westye Group Europe, the UK & European sole distributor of Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf Cooking Instruments, Harrods created a dramatic ice and fire themed window for the PRO 48, the 121cm Wolf Dual Fuel range, the 430 Sub-Zero wine cooler, and the 695 fridge/freezer with ice and water dispensing facility.

Anyone who ordered a luxury PRO 48 fridge/freezer (priced around £12,000 + VAT) through Harrods during August or two appliances from the Sub-Zero/Wolf range (conditions applied) received a Sub-Zero wine cooler worth £3,500 free!

‘The PRO 48 refrigerator is absolutely the last word when it comes to food preservation.’ Says the company. ‘For those who want to wine and dine in style, the PRO 48 will chill at least two cases of the best champagne at once. If nothing but the best will do, this refrigerator will keep party-sized quantities of the world’s finest caviar at just the right temperature.

‘The PRO 48 marries performance and design in a bold new way for home refrigeration. Created in 100% steel - the fridge/freezer is 2134mm in height x 1219mm wide with a total storage capacity of 844 cubic litres - this behemoth is a true masterpiece of food preservation. A refrigerated drawer complete with retracting, tight seal crisper lid glides forward to give a bird’s eye view of produce in configurable dividers, keeps produce exceptionally humid and fresh. Behind the scenes the PRO 48 uniquely employs dual refrigeration and triple evaporation which keeps food fresher for longer and prevents odour transfer.

‘The refrigerator’s advanced controls adjust intuitively to individual usage patterns. Auto-close hinges allow the doors to swing open and tap shut effortlessly. Freestanding or built-in, the PRO48 is just the latest, sleekest example of how Sub-Zero keeps re-writing the rules of food preservation. Most impressively the PRO 48 conforms to the Department of Energy standards for residential use, consuming less energy than a 100-watt light bulb.’

Other recent additions to the Sub-Zero range include the 695 model which the company says extends the boundaries of contemporary design in refrigeration. The Sub-Zero range continues to include the integrated 700 series; the 200 series of under-counter models as well as the cutting edge designed 400 series of wine storage.

'These kitchen appliances create a design statement in every kitchen, so much so that top chefs, Michel Roux, Gary Rhodes, Rick Stein, Nigella Lawson, James Martin and Antony Worrall Thompson all have Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances in their own kitchens. Other fans of these brands include designers such as Terence Conran and Wayne Hemingway as well as Madonna, Sting, Michael Caine. Premier division footballers, Wayne Rooney, Thierry Henri, and Frank Lampard are also on the Sub-Zero and Wolf roll call.

'Number one kitchen designers, Mark Wilkinson, Smallbone of Devizes and Johnny Grey regularly specify Sub-Zero and Wolf products for their clients.'

Tel +44 (0) 20 8418 3800